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Zoom is available for free for individuals but comes with limitations. It has been primarily designed for large corporation but individuals can use it to host or join existing meetings.

Below are the steps I have used to install Zoom on my Windows based desktop. Very similar steps are applicable to Mac based machines as well. Also zoom have their own official help available on how to accomplish this task.

  • Download the application on your machine:
    • Open the browser you typically use, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc.
    • Browse directly to the path: https://zoom.us/support/download
    • It will immediately begin to download based on your machine setting. If it does not then click the appropriate link on the web page to start the download.
Zoom Help-page and link to download page
  • In case the download does not start, refresh the page by pressing your browser’s refresh button or F5 key on your keyboard. You can also click the “restart the download” link on the page.
  • You’ll see at the bottom of the page when the download is complete.
  • I’m using Chrome so it shows below and you can get to the location where the installer is saved.
  • Typically it is the “Downloads” folder on your computer (Profile is the more technical term, if there are multiple users on the same machine)
Auto download page and link from Browser (Chrome)
Download location on your Windows PCs
  • Double click the application shown above, or;
  • Select the application and hit the enter key.
  • This will launch the installer and pretty much everything is easy, keep clicking Agree/Next/Install buttons as they appear.
    • You may have a prompt asking you to Allow this application by pressing Yes – that is Windows default security check to make sure you authorized this application. Mac has similar prompt asking you to authorize the use/install of new applications.
    • If you are picky and want to read their privacy policy, user agreements etc and have any issues, questions then you can contact their support or your lawyer … 🙂
  • Once the Install is complete the application will launch itself.
  • I’d recommend pinning it to your Windows Taskbar, (see steps below)
Zoom, self launch after install
Add to your Taskbar on Windows machine
  • A meeting can be started in multiple ways:
  • Using Link in Email/Message:
    • The most easiest way is to click the link you received (in an email or message).
    • MAKE SURE that the link is legit. Until Zoom changes their structure, it would:
      • start with https://zoom.us/j/
      • followed by a number, which your Meeting ID.
      • If your meeting is private and have a password then the ID will be followed by ?pwd=[loooooong_string]. You’ll need the password to enter this meeting.
    • Your default browser will lunch and would require you to open the application. It doesn’t matter if the application is already running in the background. See the URL has the ID and it is requesting to launch the application.
    • See some examples below (fake links, will not work)
      • 5:30pm Beginner : https://zoom.us/j/774910373
      • 6:15pm Intermediate : https://zoom.us/j/778922801
      • 7:00pm Advanced: https://zoom.us/j/128433582?pwd=REFJNSZm5LaFRqFh5Z1RZdnJvZz09
        • The password is: 0148668
  • Launching Application:
    • Another, bit advanced way is to enter the Id yourself..
    • If someone had given you just the meeting Id or you extracted it from the link as shown above, then:
    • Click “Join a Meeting” button on the application window.
    • Enter the Id in the box provided and enter your name.
    • Note: For safety and security, make sure you enter your proper name, or at least part of it. Or use a known alias. Zoom is offering a “screening” option now and you may not allow you to the room if the host does not recognize the name.
    • The drop down link to the right of the box also has previously saved meeting IDs. If this is a recurring meeting it can be very helpful.
    • Use the options with caution on how you want application to work on your machine, very self explanatory.
Input meeting information: Left: use the Id provided; right: select a previous/recurring meeting
After entering the infrormation…
  • Last, definitely not the least, rather most important: Click the Join button!

This will install and start your Zoom meeting. It’s a whole new topic on what to do in the application and how you can navigate around the application. We’ll save that for another day.

Hope this was useful, I’ll make revisions based on the feedback from the users.

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